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Participation in International Scientific Encounters

Professor Flávio teach a course in Portugal

The Professor Flávio Alves taught a course at the Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal, on October 14, 2017. Approximately 50 undergraduate students attended the course, accompanied by professors from that institution.



Doctor Alejandro Pérez teach a course in Ecuador

Dr. Alejandro Pérez gave a 3-hour course entitled "Disinfection of the root canal system: can we increase the success rate of the treatment?" In the city of Quito, Ecuador, in September 2017. Several professors from different colleges of the country, endodontics specialists and general practitioners participated in the presentation, and interacted with questions. This course is another demonstration of the strong international insertion of the PPGO-Estácio, encouraging and collaborating with the learning in our area.


Foder of the event

Alejandro Pérez during his presentation


Professor Lucio presents a study in a congress in Finland

Professor Lucio Gonçalves participated in the 2017 Scandinavian Congress of Periodontology, between 24-26 August, in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, Finland, where he presented a study titled "Dental implant success in HIV-infected Brazilian individuals under HAART". In this event, Lucio contacted Professor Palle Holmstrup, who is Chairman of the School of Dentistry and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, with the purpose of establishing a cooperative partnership in scientific research.


Prof. Lucio, during presentation of the poster/Prof. Lucio talking to Prof. Palle before the congress start.


The program has the participation of foreign students

Pablo Amoroso - Ecuador 2017.2 - Post-PhD

Ximena Bermudez Vasconcellos - Ecuador 2017.2 - Master

Alejandro Enrique Pérez Ron - Venezuela - PhD- 2016.1

Isbelia Desiree Gazzaneo Rauseo - Venezuela - Master - 2016.1

Juan Alberto Pacheco Yanes - Venezuela - Master- 2016.1


Prof. Siqueira receives a tribute in CIORJ 2017

On the 20th of July 2017, Prof. José Siqueira received a tribute from the endodontists of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Society of Dental Traumatology for his contribution to research and professional training in Endodontics. The event was during the International Congress of Dentistry of Rio de Janeiro, held in Rio Centro.


Siqueira receiving the Professors Radetic and Renato Lenzi

Rafaela, Marília, Siqueira and Isabela


Professor Flávio Alves teach a course in Guadalajara, México

The Professor Flávio Alves gave a course at the University of Guadalajara, Tepatitlán, Jalisco, Mexico, on July 17 and 18, 2017. About 150 dentists, mostly specialists in Endodontics, attended the course that marked the First International Seminar on Endodontics of that institution. After the event, Professor Flávio accompanied a delegation of teachers on a visit to Mexico's National Genetic Resources Center.


PPGO receives visit of teachers and students from two Colombian Universities

For 3 weeks in June 2017, the PPGO-Estácio received a visit from Professor Jaime Moreno and two students of the master’s degree from the Santo Tomás University of Bucaramanga, Professor Paula Villa and 3 students specializing in Endodontics at the University of Antioquia, Medelin, Colombia. During the visit, the students undertook a research internship and attended some course credits. UNESA has a formal agreement with Santo Tomas University and is in negotiation with the University of Antioquia. Another strong example of the internationalization of PPGO.


Professors Provenzano, Jaime, Siqueira and two students of Master of Bucaramanga

Flávio, Marília, Paula, Rafaela and three specialization students of Medelín.


Professor Zvi Metzger in PPGO – Estácio - internationalization

On June 19, 2017, the PPGO received the visit of the illustrious Professor Zvi Metzger, Tel Aviv University, Israel. The Professor Metzger, internationally renowned and directly involved in the development of instruments such as SAF and Apexum, came with the primary intention of knowing the facilities of our Program and discussing research projects and collaboration with the professors and students. He was impressed with the productivity and availability of unique research labs. He also gave a course on "Biology of periapical lesions: futuristic and therapeutic vision". Several professors, students, graduates and national and international guests (2 professors and 5 postgraduate students from Colombia) attended the presentation of Professor Metzger and interacted with an intense discussion session. This event is another demonstration of the strong international insertion of PPGO-Estácio.

Watch the presentation video of Prof. Zvi Metzger, clicking HERE.


Prof. Metzger in front of the audience


Course of Prof. Metzger no PPGO-Estácio


Metzger with teachers, students, graduates and guests of PPGO

Profs. Metzger, Siqueira and Isabela Rôças

Profs. Provenzano, Metzger, Perez, Siqueira and Flávio Alves

Profs. Metzger and Mônica Neves


PPGO-Estácio wins best article in 2016 on basic research: Technology do journal of Endodontic

The work was carried out in three laboratories of PPGO-Estácio: Multidisciplinary, Molecular Microbiology and Micro-CT, involving several professors and students of the Program in collaboration with Profs. Manoel Damião and Marco Versiani of USP/RP. The PhD student Alejandro Pérez, one of the authors of the paper, received the award at a JOE (Journal of Endodontics) ceremony during the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Endodontists in New Orleans.

The PhD student Alejandro Pérez receiving the award


Reference of the study: Alves FR, Andrade-Junior CV, Marceliano-Alves MF, Perez AR, Rôças IN, Versiani MA, Sousa-Neto MD, Provenzano JC, Siqueira JF, Jr. Adjunctive steps for disinfection of the mandibular molar root canal system: a correlative bacteriologic, micro-computed tomography, and cryopulverization approach. Journal of Endodontics 2016;42:1667-7

PPGO-Estácio has active participation in the largest congress of global endodontics -AAE 2017 in New Orleans

Prof. Siqueira during his course

Alejandro, André and Gaya gave oral presentations of their works and Márcia presented a poster. The great performance of the students is a highlight, a source of pride for the PPGO.

To crown our participation, Alejandro attended the ceremony of the Journal of Endodontics to receive the award for one of our works, elected the best of the Basic Sciences-Technology section. This work was the result of a collaboration with the USP-RP and was attended by several teachers and students of the PPGO. In short, an unforgettable participation!

Gaya, Ricucci, Siqueira, Márcia, Alejandro, Vera e De-Deus

    Profs Isabela e Siqueira                              Legenda: Prof(a) Isabela com a Doutoranda Gaya


Doctor Alejandro during his presentation      Master André during his presentation


Doctor Gaya during her presentation



Launched the edition in Japanese of the book Endodontology, by Ricucci and Siqueira

The book Endodontology, by Profs. Domenico Ricucci and José Siqueira, originally published in English by the publisher Quintessence Verlag - Berlin, and already translated into Russian, has now been translated into Japanese. Another great achievement for the authors and for the consolidated internationalization of PPGO-Estácio.


Launched the Russian edition of the book Endodontology, by Ricucci and Siqueira

The book Endodontology, by Profs. Domenico Ricucci and José Siqueira, originally published in English by Quintessence Verlag - Berlin, was recently translated into Russian. Besides being a great achievement for the authors, it highlights even more the strong internationalization of PPGO-Estácio.



The Professor Lucio Gonçalves presented the conference titled "Periodontal microbiota in HIV infected Brazilian adults" at the 6th Clinical Microbiology Conference, which took place in October 20-22, 2016 in Rome, Italy.



PPGO-Estácio is present at the ESE Congress in Barcelona 2015

The PPGO-Estácio had a significant presence in the main European Congress of Endodontics, held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In addition to the course "Clinical Implications of Bacterial Persistence" taught by Prof. José Siqueira, presented posters of studies generated in the PPGO Professors Mônica Neves and Luciana Armada and the graduate student Renata Val Rodrigues, oriented by Professor Isabela Rôças. Still at the congress were Professor Isabela Rôças and Flávio Alves. It was an excellent opportunity for interaction and establishment of exchanges with professionals from various international academic institutions. Another example and contribution to the established high reputation and internationalization of the program.


Professor Siqueira during his course


Mônica Schultz, Luciana Armada, Isabela Rôças, Siqueira Júnior, Flávio Alves and Renata Val


Professor Luciana and her poster            


Professor Monica and her poster


Renata Val and her poster


Ronald Zapata, Siqueira Júnior, Ove Peters and Flávio Alves


Professor Hélio Lopes teach a course in Paraguayan Congress

In October of 2015, Professor Hélio Pereira Lopes gave a course at COPADE, in Asunción, Paraguay. The course was a great success and the professor can witness the repercussion of his work and his career abroad. One more time, the PPGO-Estácio is being actively present in another international event.


COPADE ministers at the time of fraternization.


Prof. Hélio during his course


PPGO-Estácio is featured in the Congress Laser Endo-Restorative in Uruguay

Also, in October 2015, the PPGO was actively present at the congress in Montevideo, through a course and clinical table given by Prof. Flávio Alves and presentation of works by masters. Another proof of the reputation and unquestionable international insertion of our Program.


Professor Flávio Alves during his course 


Teachers of the PPGO-Estácio gave international courses in September 2014

On September 13, 2014, Prof. Siqueira gave a 6-hour course to the Langham Endodontic Group, in British Dental Association - London. Also, in September, Prof. Flávio Alves gave a 4-hour course at the Colombian Endodontics Congress in Santa Marta, Colombia. These events attest the strong internationalization of PPGO-Estácio.

Website of the Langham Group announcing the course of prof. Siqueira at the British Dental Association.


Prof. Flávio
Professor Flávio presenting a course in Santa Marta, Colombia



Sandwich PhD (University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway)


Renata Val, who is advisor by Professor José Siqueira and Isabela Rôças, carried out part of his experiments at the University of Oslo, under the guidance of Professors Dag Orstavik and Morten Enersen. The internship was very fruitful, and the PhD student also emphasized, besides the excellence of the facilities and teachings, the hospitality and sympathy with which she was welcomed.

Renata Val

Renata Val (second from right to left) with Prof. Orstavik, Homan Zandi and the students of Endodontics at the University of Oslo. 


Renata Val 2

Renata Val with Profs. Morten Enersen and Ingar Olsen




Congress in Mexico

During the XXIX Congress of the Latin American Society of Pathology and the LV Annual Congress of the Mexican Association of Pathology, held in the period from October 15 to 19, 2013, in Oaxaca, Mexico, Professor Fábio Ramoa Pires presented the following lectures:


Lecture 1: "Mesenchymal neoplasms of the soft tissues and mucosa of the mouth" 

Lecture 2: "The problem of neoplastic and non-neoplastic cystic lesions of the salivary glands"


congresso méxico

Congress speakers (from left to right): Prof. Roman Carlos (Guatemala), Prof. Fábio Ramoa (UNESA - Brazil), Prof. Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor (Mexico) and Prof. José Manuel Aguirre Urizar (Spain)




Congress of FEMS 2013

During the Congress of the FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies), which took place between 21 - 25 July 2013, in Leipzig, Germany, Prof. Lucio Souza Gonçalves presented the work (poster) titled "Comparison of subgingival microbiota between undetectable and detectable plasmatic HIV viral load: a study in HIV-infected Brazilian adults".


Prof. Lucio Gonçalves apresentando o seu poster.

                  Prof. Lucio Gonçalves presenting his poster.



PPGO stands out at the European Congress of Endodontics in Lisbon

Continuing the recent trend of actively participating in the major’s internationals congresses in the area, PPGO-Estácio was present at the 16th Biennial Congress of the European Society of Endodontology in Lisbon, Portugal. In Congress, Prof. José Siqueira presented the course "Endodontic Microbiology: Recent Innovations" on 14/05 and the Professors Mônica Schultz and Luciana Armada presented on September 13 and 14 posters of studies done in PPGO. The Profs. Isabela Rôças and Siqueira also arranged collaborations for research work with professors and students of the Sandwich PhD and Post PhD students of the Universities of Oslo (Norway), Porto (Portugal) and Gottingen (Germany). The Prof. Siqueira also gave the 3-hour course "Treating Endodontic Infections" to members of the Flemish Society of Endodontics on September 11, in pre-congress activity.

In addition, was released the book "Endodontology: an integrated biological and clinical view" by Profs. Domenico Ricucci and José Siqueira.

It was very gratifying to see the repercussions of the research and teaching staff of PPGO in Europe. This characterizes a very important point of the Program which is valued enough by Capes – the Internationalization.



Professores do PPGO no Congresso da ESE

Professors of the PPGO-Estácio at the ESE Congress (European Society of Endodontology) in Lisbon.


Prof. Siqueira ministrando curso no Congresso da ESE

Professor Siqueira giving a course at the ESE Congress (European Society of Endodontology)


Prof. Siqueira durante seu curso.
Professor Siqueira during his course


Profa. Mônica Schultz apresentando o
Professor Mônica Schultz presenting her poster



Profa. Luciana Armada apresentando
Professor Luciana Armada presenting her poster




International Guests

Course of Prof. Anil Kishen no PPGO

On July 17, 2015, the PPGO-Estácio received Professor Anil Kishen of the University of Toronto, Canada, for a 4-hour course exclusively for master’s and PhD students. The professor Anil Kishen discussed several aspects about the elimination of the endodontic biofilm and the irrigation of the root canal system, in a very pleasant integration with teachers, masters, PhD students, post PhD students and guests. The event was another demonstration of the strong internationalization of PPGO-Estácio.



[1] Anil Kishen during his course | [2] Moment of discussion with Anil Kishen, mediated by Professors Siqueira and Flávio | [3] Anil Kishen with teachers, students and guests from PPGO.


PPGO is visited by students of specialization at the University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia.

Not surprisingly, internationalization is a strong feature of PPGO-Estácio. During two weeks of May (11 to 22), in full time, 4 students who were completing the specialization in Endodontics at the University of Antioquia attended the PPGO facilities and had the opportunity to follow numerous research papers in the Program's laboratories.


[1] Colombian visitors (Sabad, Cristina, Mario, Luis Miguel) with the coordinators of PPGO-Estácio Prof. Flávio Alves and Prof. Siqueira Jr.








Curso do Prof. Anil Kishen no PPGO


Em 17 de julho de 2015, o PPGO recebeu o Prof. Anil Kishen, da Universidade de Toronto, Canadá, para um curso de 4 horas exclusivo para os alunos do Mestrado e Doutorado. O Prof. Anil Kishen discutiu vários aspectos do combate ao biofilme endodônticos e da irrigação de canais, em uma integração bastante agradável com os


professores, mestrandos, doutorandos, s-doutorandos e convidados. O evento foi mais uma demonstração da forte internacionalização do PPGO-Estácio.


Anil Kishen durante seu curso


Momento de discussão com Anil Kishen, intermediada pelos Professores Siqueira e



Anil Kishen com professores, alunos e convidados do PPGO.


3. PPGO recebe visita de alunos de especialização da Universidade de

Antioquia, Medellin, Colômbia.


Não é novidade que a internacionalização é uma forte característica do PPGO- Estácio. Durante duas semanas do mês de maio (11 a 22), em período integral, 4 alunos que estavam concluindo a especialização em Endodontia na Universidade de Antioquia frequentaram as instalações do PPGO e tiveram a oportunidade de acompanhar inúmeros trabalhos de pesquisa nos laboratórios do Programa.


Visitantes colombianos Sabad, Cristina, Mario, Luis Miguel com os coordenadores do

PPGO Prof. Flávio Alves e Prof. Siqueira Jr.


Página: http://portal.estacio.br/cursos/mestrado-e-doutorado/odontologia/agenda.aspx


4. Imediatamente abaixo do subitem EVENTOS REALIZADOS 2015”, incluir o texto que se segue:


Canal 2015: lançamento do livro e homenagem ao Prof. Siqueira


O Congresso Canal 2015, em Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, foi um momento marcante para o PPGO. O evento, organizado pelo Dr. Edmar Gontijo, tem se consolidado como o maior do Brasil e um dos maiores da América Latina, na área de Endodontia. Dos cerca de 1.800 participantes, o PPGO estava representado pelos Professores Flávio Alves, Isabela ças, Mônica Neves e Luciana Armada, além de alunos e egressos. Nesse evento, foi lançada a quarta edição do livro Endodontia: Biologia e Técnica dos Professores Hélio Lopes e José Siqueira Jr, que teve tiragem de lançamento esgotada. O evento teve também uma homenagem emocionante ao Prof. José Siqueira Jr., que recebeu o prêmio Ápice de Endodontia”.


Prof. Siqueira, durante seu curso



Prof. Siqueira discursando ao receber a homenagem "Ápice de Endodontia", junto com os Drs. Edmar, Radetic e Hélio.


5. No subitem EVENTOS REALIZADOS 2015, DEFESAS PÚBLICAS DE TESES DE DOUTORADO, incluir o texto abaixo:


Tema: Controle da infecção endodôntica em casos de retratamento: avaliação de dois sistemas de instrumentação



Defesa de Tese de Doutorado de Renata Val com a Banca examinadora composta pelos Professores Doutores (da esquerda para a direita) Isabela das Neves Rôças Siqueira (Orientadora), Luciana Armada Dias (UNESA), Mônica Aparecida Schultz Neves (UNESA), Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal da Silva (UERJ), Luciana Moura Sassone (UERJ). Contou também com a presença do Prof. Siqueira (primeiro à esquerda)



Renata Val com os Orientadores Profs. Siqueira e Isabela Rôças.


Aluno: Renata Val Rodrigues (durante o curso, Renata fez estágio Sanduiche na

Universidade de Oslo, Noruega, sob a supervisão do Prof. Dag Orstavik)


Data: 13/07/2015


Hora: 14 horas


Local: Campus BarraWorld - Auditório


Banca: Isabela   das   Neves   ças   Siqueira   (UNESA),   Luciana   Armada   Dias (UNESA), Mônica Aparecida Schultz Neves (UNESA), Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal da Silva (UERJ) e Luciana Moura Sassone




Tema: Prevalência de lesões perirradiculares em tabagistas



Defesa de Dissertação de Mestrado de Natasha Soraia Sarmento (segunda da esquerda para a direita) com a Banca composta pelas Professoras Doutoras (da esquerda para a direita)   Luci   Armada   Correia, Cintya   Cristina Gomes   e   Luciana   Armada   Dias (Orientadora).


Aluno: Natasha Soraia Sarmento


Data: 30/07/2015


Hora: 9 horas


Local: Campus BarraWorld - Auditório


Banca: Luciana Armada Dias (UNESA), Luci Armada Correia (UNESA) e Cintya

Cristina Gomes (UFF)


Tema: Comparação da remoção da guta-percha do teo apical de canais radiculares curvos pelos sistemas MTWO e Reciproc



Defesa de Dissertão de Mestrado de Júlio Cesar Nascimento Alves


Aluno: Júlio Cesar Nascimento


Data: 30/07/2015


Hora: 14 horas


Local: Campus BarraWorld - Auditório


Banca: Professores   Doutores   Flávio   Rodrigues   Ferreira   Alves   (Presidente   e Orientador - UNESA), Aline de Almeida Neves (UFRJ), Marília Fagury Videira Marceliano Alves (ABO - Niterói).